Deborah Lynn Dixon is a costume designer and fabricator.  She is the founder and owner of Ides of March Design Group, LTD as well as the creator of emBELLAtex™, a fabric modification product and process.

She was born in Louisiana on March 15th, which inspired the name of her company. Raised in the rural community of Moss Bluff, Louisiana she had many opportunities to see her creative dreams become reality through Campfire Girls and 4-H projects.

Her mother taught her to sew and she was tailoring by the age of 13.  In 1972 she was named the Louisiana State Girl’s Achievement winner in 4-H. That award won her a trip to Chicago for 4-H National Club Congress where she saw her first professional ballet, “The Firebird”.  It was love at first site with classical ballet and costuming.

She studied Interior Design in the School of Art & Architecture at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, where Art History was one of her favorite classes.  She also studied Home Economics in Business at McNeese State University.

In 1980 she was asked by Samuel T. Navarra, the founder of the Krewe of Contraband, in Lake Charles, Louisiana to “help” with the Princess gowns for their court.  “Helping” turned into designing.  Always striving for something unique she developed  emBELLAtex™  the technique that allows her to realize her decorative patterns on fabric.

Ever inspired by textiles, architecture and the decorative arts she now designs the patterns used in the emBELLAtex™  process.  She draws inspiration from historical clothing, paintings, textiles, the decorative arts and architecture.   A pivotal point in developing her design aesthetic came from studying the  Faberge´ Imperial Easter Eggs.

She is a member of USITT,  the Silicon Web Chapter of International Costumers of America, Jr. League of Lake Charles, LA, Chi Omega Fraternity, and St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in Buffalo Creek, Colorado.

Her childhood dream to live in the Colorado mountains, was realized in 1996 when she and her husband, Rob, moved to a picturesque setting near Bailey, Colorado.   Inspiration for her designs come easily when she is in her favorite spot, a swing on the second story deck of their home.  There surrounded by trees with the sound of the waterfall and stream in the background she can “hear God whisper”.