The process emBELLAtex® and product emBELLAtex® paste,  were developed in an effort to convert inexpensive fabrics into elaborate brocades, laces, and appliqués for court presentation gowns for the Krewe of Contraband’s annual Mardi Gras Ball in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Although developed as a fabric modification process emBELLAtex™ permanently adheres to any porous surface making it an excellent choice for embellishing sets and props.

The embossing paste, once dried, is permanent, flexible, light reflective, does not flake and is cost effective.  It and can gently be washed or dry cleaned.

The water-based paste can be applied directly to any porous surface, used in a flexible mold or built as an appliqué on a  textile.  The paste formula is held as a Trade Secret by Ides of March Design Group, Ltd.  The paste has a light reflective ingredient is used to add a glow to the dried product, much like beading.   Glitter is added to the paste for color.  The paste can be tinted with acrylic paint to reduce with shine of the glitter even further.

Storing the paste in an airtight container such as a zip top bag, without the colorant attains optimum shelf life.  If stored in a cool place the paste has a shelf life of a year.  With glitter added to the paste the shelf life is about 6 weeks, but it can be brought back to a workable consistency (cake icing) by adding more of the carrier.